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BlueZ: Linux Bluetooth Stack Overview

Found some time for another Bluetooth rant :) This time it's going to be about BlueZ , the Linux Bluetooth stack. Note that there are other Bluetooth stacks for Linux such as BTstack , but I didn't find the time to play around with these, and BlueZ is still what you get these days if you install a normal Linux distribution. This is my view on about BlueZ and a couple of things might be over-simplified. Feel free to add comments to this post if anything is wrong or is better explained elsewhere. However, I found that there is no good overview from a programming and hacking perspective, and often times I get questions about patching certain things within InternalBlue that have a root cause deep down in the Linux kernel. BlueZ is missing documentation. In fact, I ended up using dynamic debugging here and there to understand which functions are still called and which are deprecated. Otherwise, this blog post would not be needed for an open-source project m) Linux Bluetooth stack vs