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InternalBlue: The perfect Bluetooth research device?

The perfect Bluetooth research tooling doesn't exist ;) But since I'm maintaining InternalBlue I can provide you with an overview of compatible devices and the advantages or shortcomings of all of these. There is some open tooling for Bluetooth LE out there. Bluetooth LE is mostly used in IoT devices and modern gadgets. When it comes to Classic Bluetooth, which is still used a lot for audio devices and data transfer like tethering, you need to buy professional equipment or deal with very bad open-source implementations based on software-defined radios (SDRs). A brief overview of this can be found in my Bluetooth Hacking 101 talk from last year. Despite not using anything based on SDRs or microcontrollers, I have a huge variety of devices. All of them have Broadcom (or "Cypress") Bluetooth chips. So, here is a minimal (seriously!) selection required to do some meaningful Bluetooth research that includes a couple of generations of devices and the possibility to test v